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Anthology: 1991-2002 - Digital Album


Anthology: 1991-2002 - Digital Album


This project captures over 13 years of recordings from Get Down Ministries / Christian Assembly (Tommy's church). It includes well-known songs like "Mourning Into Dancing," "There Is A Rock," and "He Knows My Name."  This is a 2-disc set containing 40 worship songs that have led countless people to worship over many years.

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DISC 1 - "Fast songs"

  1. We Say Yes 
  2. There Is A Rock 
  3. He Lives 
  4. Sweet Presence of Jesus 
  5. Don't Forget His Benefits
  6. Revival Down In My Heart
  7. No Greater Love 
  8. I Love This Story 
  9. There'll Always Be 
  10. Great Redeemer
  11. Here I Am Again 
  12. Everyone Arise
  13. Show Your Glory 
  14. Great I Am 
  15. Holy Spirit Song 
  16. Mourning Into Dancing 
  17. Joy, Joy, Joy 
  18. His Love Endures
  19. Forever
  20. Yes We All Agree
  21. Thanks Again

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DISC 2 - "Slow songs"

  1.  No One Like You 
  2. Everlasting Arms
  3. Lord, I Believe In You 
  4. Ah Lord God 
  5. Calling Out To You 
  6. It Will Be Worth It All 
  7. Pray For Each Other
  8. When We See Him 
  9. Come Quickly 
  10. That's Why We Praise Him 
  11. As We Worship You 
  12. Be Still and Know 
  13. These Things Are True of You 
  14. Great and Marvelous 
  15. He Knows My Name 
  16. For Your Glory
  17. Jesus, You're the Answer 
  18. What A Good God 
  19. There Is A God 
  20. Your Throne

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