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Declaring the gospel through worship

Declaring the gospel through worship

Charlie's Lunch

I had a nephew named Charlie. When he was 10 years old, his mom would send him to school with a sandwich and some fruit for lunch. Most days Charlie would come home from school still hungry. His mom would ask him if his lunch was not enough for him and he said, “I gave away my lunch to some kids who needed it more than me.” It has occurred to me that Charlie was the opposite of a bully... he was an angel.

Due to a childhood illness, Charlie went to be with Jesus in 1996, just 3 weeks shy of his 13th birthday. In this world of bullies and selfishness, Charlie stands as an example of what Jesus would have done in Charlie’s position.

His mom – my sister – Janey Stewart, with her husband, Sam Stewart started a program called Charlie’s Lunch. They now give around 300,000 lunches per year to underprivileged children in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Zamia, Mexico and India.

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