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Surrender - Jacob Park

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Surrender by Jacob Park.jpg

Surrender - Jacob Park

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Jacob Park is one of the worship leaders at Christian Assembly, and this is his long-awaited debut album! These worship songs were written in a season of learning how to SURRENDER those things which are so dear to us. As we surrender to our God, we begin to experience a freedom that comes from knowing that He is in control of all things. Jacob joins the talented team of musicians and worshippers from C.A. in this collection of original songs, birthed from powerful moments of worship at their church.

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  1. New Creation 
  2.  Oh Yes 
  3.  His Hands 
  4.  I Surrender All 
  5.  This Is What My God Has For Me 
  6.  Jesus Your Name Is Breath 
  7.  Who Am I 
  8.  Juli's Thoughts 
  9.  Living Room 
  10.  Be Still and Know 
  11.  Master's Gift

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