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Pursuit of God - Deluxe Edition CD

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Pursuit of God - Deluxe Edition CD


"Pursuit of God" is inspired by and created to coincide with author, A.W. Tozer's devotional classic, The Pursuit of God. This Deluxe Edition includes 2 CDs (with and without spoken-word devotional tracks) as well as song charts in digital format, which are included on Disc 2.

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  1. Earnestly (We Want To Know)
  2. Taste and See
  3.  Just You
  4. You Are Here
  5. Take Your Place
  6. I Fix My Eyes On You 
  7. Speak To Me 
  8. Create In Me [Prelude]
  9. Create In Me
  10. Nearer
  11. All About Your Glory 
  12. Who Are You [Prelude]
  13. Who Are You

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A message from Tommy about this project:

This Pursuit Of God project is a long-awaited dream come true for me on a lot of levels. Not only was it a chance to share the profound effect that the writings of Tozer have had on my life, but it was a chance to — from its inception — produce a project with an orchestra! I purposefully kept this album almost completely acoustic and experimented with how a simple arrangement — primarily just bass, drums (brushes and hot rods) and acoustic guitars — could work with a large string section. I think it serves to keep an intimate feel, while hopefully demonstrating how string players can be more involved in church worship.

I also have to say that this project is about taking a risk and doing something different. As I continue my worship journey, I know that I need to be always asking the question, "Lord, what's next? What do You want to hear? What is a new, fresh way that I can give You glory?" This is a good question to keep asking in every area of our lives!

One request, for everyone that gets this project: Please listen through the whole thing without stopping — in a quiet, private setting — at least once. It is meant to be a truly devotional experience!

Special thanks once again to the Azusa Pacific University orchestra for so generously and excellently bringing your gifts to this effort!

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