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Calling Out to You CD

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Calling Out to You CD


This album represents a journey that the C.A. Worship Band and myself have been on. We have for many years now been exploring the notion that worship could be a powerful tool for evangelism. The majority of this recording was our first nationwide attempt at producing music that reflected this vision.

As the years have gone by we have seen many come to Christ through our worship music both in churches and in concerts in many parts of the world. Because we are so passionate about this we decided to remix this record and present it again to the public. We have added two songs that represent more of our current sound and direction.

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  1. Sweet Presence of Jesus 
  2. Don't Forget His Benefits
  3. Mourning Into Dancing 
  4. Calling Out To You 
  5. Show Your Glory 
  6. It Will Be Worth It All 
  7. When We See Him 
  8. Holy
  9. His Love Endures Forever
  10. Sweet Presence of Jesus (Reprise)

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