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Songs From Heaven

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Songs From Heaven


Release the Song That God Has Placed in Your Heart

Did you know that every worshiper’s heart holds a song for which God eagerly listens? Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or a person who knows little about music but is touched by its power, your song has merit, even if God is the only One who ever hears it.

In the midst of our current worship awakening, God is poised to pour out His songs to those who are faithful and make themselves available. He wants to bless the nations and even you with the song He has placed in your heart.

Are you uncertain how to turn your heart of worship into melody? Worship leader and renowned songwriter Tommy Walker reveals the inspirational and instructional process of creating worship songs that bring honor and glory to God. Discover devotional thoughts that will help you find intimacy with God and the practical techniques for putting that intimacy into words, melody and eventually a song.

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