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Make it Glorious CD-ROM Digital Songbook

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Make it Glorious book square.png
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Make it Glorious CD-ROM Digital Songbook


Recorded live at Regent University in conjunction with CBN, Make It Glorious features Tommy Walker, a 50 member choir, and an audience of over 700 believers in an amazing night of worship.

This 12-song album is a worshipful journey in the wonder and majesty of God. From “Prepare Ye The Way” to the hymn “Hallelujah What A Savior” to “Heavenly Touch,” inspired by the healing of Tommy’s mother, this CD will inspire tears of revelation and triumphant declaration.

Buy this album and receive "Break Through - Live at Saddleback" on DVD as a free bonus!

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  1. Prepare Ye The Way
  2. Make It Glorious
  3. Jesus, We Celebrate Your Fame
  4. Heavenly Touch
  5. Thank You For Loving Me(
  6. Just Worship
  7.  This God, He Is Our God
  8.  I'm Not Ashamed 
  9. Lord, I Run To You 
  10. Dwelling Place
  11. Hallelujah What A Savior
  12.  Your Word Will Be The Last Word

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