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Ten Ways to Engage Your Congregation in Worship (Part 5) – Be Alert

I am sharing ten practical ways to engage your congregation in worship. I have learned these methods through my many wins and losses as a worship leader.

My prayer is that these ten tips will inspire you to grow in your gifts, so that the church will rise up to its boundless, artistic, and powerfully anointed potential!

5. Be Alert

As worship leaders, we must learn the unique skill of keeping one eye on heaven and one eye on earth. We must go to the mountaintop and authentically worship God, but we must also stay aware of what is required to take the people with us.

For example, if a song is working and you feel like you’re gaining participatory momentum, don’t just end the song because that’s how you rehearsed it; be ready to repeat a section. On the other hand, if a song isn’t working and everyone looks like they’re falling asleep, stop and move on. 

Also, make people aware of how God is moving. Years ago when the Lord would speak to me during the worship time, I always used to keep it to myself. I have since learned that what He was speaking to me was what He wanted me to share with the whole group.

For example, there are times when the Lord will remind me of the simple fact that He is near and He is with me. I need to say something like -- <em>Isn’t it wonderful that the God we worship today isn’t a far away God? In fact, He’s closer than the breath we breathe!</em> I believe that for the most part, if God is speaking something to me, that’s what He wants to speak to everyone, so I should communicate it. 

The people are waiting for us to lead them and take them to the presence of God. I call it taking them from point A to point B -- from self-consumed worries and fears to abandoned surrender. Be alert to what is happening so you can lead the people accordingly.

Next week, I’ll discuss how being spiritually prepared helps engage your congregation in worship.

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