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Worship: Giving our love to God
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Diversity in Worship

If you look at the diversity in creation and in the peoples of the world, don't you think God would prefer to see His glory displayed in church worship in the same diverse way?

I believe we need to embrace the people God has brought us and let fresh new sounds and expressions of worship ring out! Instead of worship teams all over the world doing a mediocre job of all trying to look and sound the same, let’s embrace our uniqueness and present it with excellence.

To bring the beauty of diversity it will take 4 things:

1. Discovering How Christ Uniquely Expresses Himself Through You
The more you get to know Him, the more you will discover how He uniquely flows through you. Religion is only following the rules so we can all look the same, but relationship is discovering how God has uniquely designed each of us for His glory!

Death -- being who you aren’t to try and please everyone.
Life -- being who you are and letting God minister to those He chooses through you.

2. The Courage to Let the Real You Be Seen
We are afraid of making ourselves vulnerable for fear of rejection, but the reason God made us all different is so we could glorify Him in a million unique ways.

Ask someone who loves you:  “What does it look like when God is flowing through me freely?”

3. Grace to Let Others Be Different Than Us
All of our relationships will be deeper if we can celebrate our differences! What a gift this would be in our marriages and our friendships! 

It’s what we all really want -- to have the sense that people actually love who we really are! Few things are more empowering than this!

4. The Discipline to Sharpen the God-given Gifts Within You!
The whole dream of diversity in worship falls apart if we don’t do it well. Simply put, <strong>pray, practice and read!</strong> We must keep growing spiritually and musically! 

Growth prevents burnout, keeps us sharp, inspires others, and glorifies God!

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