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Fame or Faithfulness

Are we running after fame or faithfulness?

This can be a question for anyone to ask regardless of whether you want to be the most popular among a small group of friends or known around the world. It’s no secret that few things are valued more in our culture than fame. I must say though, of all occupations, isn’t it ironic that worship leaders can now be famous and seem to get caught up in striving for this enticing phenomenon? 

After reading the story of Abraham recently, something hit me. God said that He was going to make Abraham’s name great and his descendents would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. (Genesis 15:5) Talk about fame, Abraham had it coming! But when Sara couldn’t conceive they thought God needed a little help, so they came up with the idea of letting Abraham sleep with Hagar the maidservant. This is a classic example of not trusting that God would live up to His promise and taking matters into their own hands. 

Many of us in public ministry have big dreams, but we need to differentiate between the “fame dreams” and the “faithful dreams.” Our highest goal should be to simply be found faithful! Faithful in our relationship with God, and also in the circles that God has put us in -- our families, our churches, and our friends. It’s our job to be faithful with these things, and it’s God’s job to bring to pass the “fame dreams” if He wills it. When we take things into our own hands, oftentimes it doesn’t work and we leave a trail of heartache and trouble behind us. 

So be faithful in the little things, and focus on growing in your relationship with Christ and the gifts He has given you. Let God handle the rest.

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