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A Personal update...

I am just back from nearly three weeks of vacation!

First, I took my daughter Emmie on a special father-daughter trip to Kauai. We have a tradition in my family where I take my kids on a special trip when they turn 13. We had a great time talking, laughing and praying together ... not to mention zip-lining, swimming and riding in a helicopter! 

After returning to lead a weekend at my church, my whole family and I took an RV to Colorado. One highlight was watching a meteor shower, and we decided every time someone saw a falling star we would shout "Glory"! It was a worship "service" like none I had ever had! 

Now, I'm excited to be back at work and ready to start a project that will coincide with the great A.W. Tozer classic book, The Pursuit Of God. As I jump back into the realities of Fall (school, work and business in general), my goal is to live a life of excellence in every way. The way I love my family, stay organized, manage my time, perform my work, and most of all, pursue God. I pray this for all of you! 

Have a blessed Fall 2010! 



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