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Pass it On

As a parent I have had the joy and privilege of passing on the stories of God's greatness to my own kids – not to mention scores of people in many parts of the world. There is truly no greater joy in life. I have always loved Psalm 145, but one day when I read it, it struck me that one of the most profound ways we can pass on and tell others of God's mighty acts is through worship.

When we stand in our churches – or wherever it may be – and sing songs of praise to God, we are declaring to the person next to us that God is great! One of the greatest reasons why corporate worship is so powerful is because we aren’t only affirming the greatness of God to God AND to ourselves, but to one another. I can’t tell you how many times, though, I was the leader, and someone else in the congregation began leading me as they were perhaps unknowingly passing on the story of the greatness of God in their own lives through their worship!

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