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I Believe, I Believe

I wrote this song in the midst of another season when I was struggling with my faith. One thing that happens to me when my faith is being rocked is I feel ashamed and that I am the only one who has ever struggled this way. Well, much like my song "Lord, I Believe in You", I wrote this song to help me and others like me boldly proclaim –though sometimes in the midst of the struggle – their faith and hope in Jesus alone!

There is no denying it, WORDS are powerful. James 3:3-6 warns us that what comes out of our mouths can direct our lives. I think they are especially powerful when we declare something in the midst of many people, like in a church service. 

The other truth I hope to communicate with this song is how when we choose to believe, we can unexplainably find God's joy and peace. If you think about it, if you compare people who have learned how to live with a simple, child-like faith versus a pessimistic person who seems enjoy doubting, the joy level is a lot higher for the former!

I Believe, I Believe - Backing Tracks & Charts

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  • Leadsheet in key of Eb mod. F
  • Lyrics
  • Backing track with background vocals
  • Backing track without background vocals
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