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We Will Remember

A few years ago I was in a discouraging time in my life. It seemed that my ministry opportunities were shrinking, a couple of friends and relatives I had been praying for had died of cancer, and with the bad back I was suffering from, I was feeling pretty low. 

My faith was beat-up and when I looked at the prospects of that particular day and what seemed to be ahead for me, I thought it wasn’t looking good. In the midst of all of this I ran across this verse:

The Israelites became arrogant and stiff-necked, they didn’t remember the miracles God had performed for them and then they wanted to return to their slavery.

Nehemiah 9:16

Suddenly I realized, "Today doesn’t look good, my tomorrow doesn’t seem too promising but I can look back!"  In that moment I very purposely began to remember God's blessings and faithfulness in my life, and sensed both my faith and my joy rising ! It was out this experience I wrote the song "We Will Remember."

I have had the privilege of leading this song in many places... If you think about it, every time we gather and worship, it is like a purposeful trip down memory lane.  We sing of God's mighty acts and His continued grace and work in our lives, and then we sense our hope and faith rising. 

We are just like those arrogant, stiff-necked Israelites of old.  We are a forgetful, ungrateful, prone to wander people.  So may we daily recount and remember the goodness of our God this day and everyday!

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