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I Have a Hope

I was serving at a church who serves meals to the homeless and was so taken with the hopelessness in their eyes. They looked like they had so given up on life that they were just existing and waiting to die. I thought, Lord, what is it that you would want to say to them? Then I had the thought, I would like to write a song that helps them and other hopeless people like them declare the promises of God over their life. It’s one thing to have someone tell you that there’s hope, it’s another to let words of hope and promise be spoken out of your own mouth with a sense of faith and Gods assurance. After I wrote it I went back and had the privilege of singing it over them. 

On a more personal level, when I wrote this song the circumstances of my life were telling me that my ministry influence was only going to be shrinking. I was actually feeling a bit discouraged about this but then God, as if I had nothing to do with writing it, ministered a renewed sense of destiny and hope to me through this song. Interestingly enough, God later opened up the door to work with Maranatha and this ended up being the title cut of my new CD with them.

I Have a Hope CD

I had the privilege of working with producer Ed Cash in Nashville on this record. He is an award-winning and insanely gifted musician, and best of all, a worshiper. My prayer is that this album will help bring a renewed sense of HOPE to your life! 

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